Answers to your frequently asked questions about the v.hive Destination Marketing Platform.

General Enquiries

You can call our v.hive team on 1300 773 717 or email sales@vhive.com.au with your enquiry.

The best way is to log a support request on our Support Page. This way the support team can look into your problem before getting back to you. You can also call 1300 773 717 and we can put you through to the support team.


Yes. v.hive is a multi-user content management system that can accommodate as many unique logins as required.

Yes. As the Admin of your platform you can see all of your businesses listings and create them or make changes as required. Assigning the listing to the business is as easy as selecting their email address from your list of users. They can then login and make changes at anytime in the future.

Yes. You have access to all listings created and can change as necessary. This includes assigning listings to particular categories.

Yes. You have access to all special offers and events in the same way that you have business listings to create, change and assign to businesses.

Yes. Businesses can select which categories their listing appears under. As an admin you can also select categories for them - or unselect if they get carried away!

Yes. Businesses can have multiple listings for different categories. This is useful for instance if a restaurant also offers weddings or functions. They can create a different listing for that category so they can have different information and images.

Yes. Special offers have a start date and a finish date. Special offers will appear at the start date and automatically unpublish after the finish date. They are archived, not deleted, so businesses can republish the same offer at a later date.

Yes. Events have a start date and a finish date. Events will appear in the event month straight away and automatically unpublish after the finish date. They are archived, not deleted, so businesses can republish the same event at a later date.


For our Pro Destination website the initial set-up fee is $750 + gst. The monthly fee depends on your size and complexity required and can be paid monthly or annually.

This covers branding the website for your organisation with your specific colours, fonts and images. We will also assist you importing your current businesses ready for you to send them their logins. If your businesses already have listings on your website, we can also assist in importing these so they don't have to be recreated.

The set-up fee for a bespoke website will depend on your requirements. We would discuss this with you and give you a detailed quote.

Yes, this may be possible. We would need to look at how your current website has been developed. If it is not possible we could look at matching your current design. Again, this can be quoted for you.

Privacy & Security

Yes. v.hive is hosted on a secure platform with current security certificates.

Yes. We will be hosting your website on secure servers based in Australia that are designed for high volume websites. Our support team will be notified immediately of any outages and take the necessary steps to ensure there is no disruption to your website 24/7.